lights in Saint Samsons Court Communal Area

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Re: lights in Saint Samsons Court Communal Area

Post by gqma0 » Thu May 23, 2013 8:43 am


Tomf and myself have looked after changing bulbs in apartment blocks, bin shed and communal garden. We have a new electrical contractor who's done a good job so far on the lamp post and has now taken the task of maintaining the lights in the estate.

1) The lights in all apartment blocks have been fixed. Some were badly wired and others had the wires chewed by furry friends (droppings found).
Some of the apartments have a lock on their internal door and we've been unable to change/fix the lights. Contact us if you want to get it sorted.

2) I believe parts for the bollards in the court communal garden have been ordered and will be repaired soon.

Please, keep an eye and report any electrical faults or damaged lights
Will keep you updated on the progress.


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