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AGM minutes/notes

Post by blackstudio » Thu May 14, 2009 11:37 am

Hi All,

I know i don't do the minutes very professionally but i did take a few notes from Last nights AGM, so.........

Wed 13th may 09. AGM Balgriffin management Company

In attendance was, KPM, Balgriffin residents association and an estimate of 50 residents of the Castlemoyne/ St Samsons area.

Chairing the meeting was Andrew Weir.
Beside him was Ronan Mc Guire both representing KPM.

Representing the committee was Tom
resident legal advisor Robert

Solicitor Barry Rafferty was also present and now acting for the company as debt collector.

Audited accounts : no written queries were sent in, they need to be filed and declined,

Alan Byrne
John Ferguson proposed the motion

Shane asked for further quotes, Andrew said he can defer the motion until better quotes are obtained.

Solicitor was re appointed. Barry is the new solicitor.

Appointment of the committee : The same members agreed to stay on and John ferguson mentioned he was on his own regarding Castlemone committee members,
Paul Donnigan from Castlemoyne asked to be a new committee member (we need an email address)
Also Yvonne from Castlemoyne would like to still be a member of the committee and expressed she had illness in the family but would still like to be involved.
Stephanie Lawerance also put herself forward and is another member of Castlemoyne.

Paul Ryder also put himself forward to the committee and is a resident of St. Samsons.

Secretary Pat Curran.
Chairman Pat Gorman.

Issue with the lights was raised, a resident who recently moved into the second phase of Castlmoyne in no. 129 has now lighting in his area and asked for something to be done. He expressed he had not paid his fees and was frustrated.

Residents in Castlemoyne asked what do their fees pay for?
Why do they pay public liability insurance?
It was explained that any area controlled by Balgriffin management Company needed to be insured and Castlemoyne is included in this.

Pest control?
It was explained that there are a number of bay areas around the development and in Castlemoyne that are being monitored by pest Control and the fee is something like 700 for the year and not a huge cost but a safety measure none the less.

Fees: How are we collecting them?
It was expressed that Barry was now taking over as debt collector and 35 letters were sent out that day. After the 7 days they will then be issued with court proceedings. Insurance policies and mortgages will be effected for non payment of fees. 15% interest is applied to unpaid fees.

St Samson's resident, expressed her annoyance at the cleaning standard in her block 48 the square, She said the cleaner's are not cleaning her block as frequently as 2 weeks because it does not show and she has resorted to cleaning it herself.

Ronan clarified it is supposed to be cleaned once a week,

Other residents mentioned that their blocks were not clean also and other residents felt that theirs was cleaned every 2 weeks.
Tom suggested we erect a sheet in the blocks and ask for it to be signed each visit.

A resident in Castlmoyne in the second phase area mentioned there was a railing loose near the river and it was very very dangerous for Children.

Window Cleaning has not been done since last july but it is in the budget for this year and will be done twice a year, a resident in St Samson's said her windows are particularly bad because she lives near the main road and because she is on a first floor she cannot clean herself. She also mentioned that she never gets her parking space and the clampers are not coming out to clamp. She said she is pregnant and people are parking lengthways where it may obstruct and ambulance.

Note: the area she is speaking of is the worst corner for lack of parking in the court.

Bins : Discussion on how awful the sheds are left and how we need an incentive to stop people illegally littering.
OZO are leaving soon and a new company is coming in.

Castlemoyne grass verges : A resident mentioned there was a verge that needed complete re doing, John Ferguson agreed and said that the landscaper has discussed that a fork and tyne treatment was needed with new compost on top this is a cost of 4k and John mentioned we are looking into this for the future.

Dangerous road in Castlemoyne: Residents were very concerned that children are at risk here and a suggestion of ramps was mentioned and closing it off as a cul de sac but this needed further discussion from Castlemoyne residents.

Flooding in Castlmoyne:
There was extensive flooding in Castlemoyne this year and resident Yvonne was very concerned, John Ferguson mentioned that the rain fall was the worst in 30 Years and it was an extreme event. He traced it back to the Airport and their may be something happening to help less water going in at the force of the river.

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