----------------- Charity Call -----------------

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----------------- Charity Call -----------------

Post by gqma0 » Mon Sep 26, 2011 8:56 am

Hello Balgriffin community.

I'm raising this on behalf of Bart Murphy who's collecting for charity clothes, appliances, DVD, furnitures. lawnmowers, anything sitting around that takes extra space that you don't/won't use

If you have anything to give away, please contact him at bjwalksforcancer@hotmail.co.uk or we can organise a date/time for a single collection.

Below is a short summary of his work.
Bart Murphy on why he collect for charity
I started charity work in 1976 after my team won an cross country race We were asked to run in the fun run and I raised 20 pounds .Over the past 36 years I have helped in some way a charity group every year donating my self or fund raising my self . I also spent many years help sport clubs and coaching young chilldres in atletics.Why do I give my spare time for free well its very simple I am from a family of 18 children and if we did not share when we were growing up it would have been hard to survive .I also remember when I was very sick as young man an old lady came and visited me each day for seven weeks .This would not havemeant that much but the old lady was nearly blind and barley able to walk she even paid for my school book s .People like this woman who wanted nothing in return aways inspire me to do something my self .When I lost my home business and my job again someone reminded me that Ilost nothing Ihad life sadly my friend Sean died during my first walk in aid of Saint lukes hospitlal . I will aways remember what he said to me when I was at my lowest ebb I lost nothing he was of course right. an I met some wonderful people suffering with cancer and fighting with every breath to live a little longer I would have to spineless not to want to help them now that I have lots of time on my hands
Why Barrestown

Afeter working with saint lukes hospital for the past few years and with hospital been phased out over the next few years I met a young woman who told me she had been helped by this wonderful group of people call Barrestown over the past few months I met many more people with the same story Barrestown help children who are very sick to have fun and it give some of them the strength to recover .The most important from a fundraising point of view is any money raised will go direct to help this centre in Ballmore eustice county Kildare .I hope that I can get enough clothes and bric a brac to raise a few thousand for this very wordy cause regards bart murphy

Thanks in advance

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