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Post by gqma0 » Tue Mar 01, 2011 10:24 am

Just wanted to share my experience here from last WE. I'm posting this as a recession tip and also because it's the 2nd time it happened on me and also happened to my neighbours a few month ago.

Last Friday, my water pump was starting to play up on me. Starting and stopping.

This pump has already been replaced 3 years ago for a Stuart Turner M330N from Modern Plant for the same problem.
They're meant to last for a good +10yrs according to the plumber who replaced it at the time.

Anyway, I wasn't ready to fork out €800 for a new pump, so I did some research and fixed it myself.

It was either the PCB or the capacitor. I knew it was the capacitor as there's a buzzing noise when I was resetting the pump and it was swollen when I opened the cap. So I replaced the 7uF capacitor and the pump is working again.

Now, you may have to pay a callout service charge of ~+€120 + parts :(

I found out that the PCB costs ~ €45 and they also sell the capacitor for ~€28 :?

I managed to get a capacitor for €10 from my washing machine repair guy on a sunday morning and we were happy to be able to have water again. Yeah !!! :D

Photos added. The capacitor is the white cylinder part

WARNING. Even though it's a 5mn job, I wouldn't recommend this to anyone who's not familiar with electricity or electronic. Capacitors are dangerous as it can discharge its ENTIRE charge in a very small fraction of a second. So beware !!

I hope that this will be helpful to some.

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