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Addresses include Churchwell Court, Churchwell Avenue, Churchwell Drive 1-11

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Public Transport

Post by niamh » Sat May 03, 2008 6:06 pm

I am looking at buying a 3 bed in Churchwell Close and am looking for any advice on public transport in the area. Is there a park & ride to Portmarnock Dart or are the buses good for getting into Leeson Street area? Any help would be really appreciated.
Also, if anyone has any other comments that might help i.e. parking, noise, security etc please let me know.
Thanks a million,
Niamh :o

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Post by Shee » Sat May 03, 2008 9:52 pm

there is a park and ride at Portmarnock but you have to be there very early and I think 7am is the time it starts getting busy. There is a bus that goes from Clarehall shopping centre into Harcourt Sq - think the journed takes 1 hr 15 mins, not sure of the time but if you go onto dublin bus website and enter balgriffin to harcourt st you will get the times. The 42 goes from Malahide into the city centre and the DART should be up and running in Clongriffin next year i think

Re Security . I would definitely get a house alarm fitted before moving any property into the house, my neighbour was burgled within 2 months of moving in and all electrical items taken, plus he worked from home so he had more that the usual. SAFENET are very good, think about €500 for the houses/apartments but its worth it for peace of mind

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Post by cands » Sat May 03, 2008 9:57 pm

if you are buying a 3 bed apartment make sure when getting the snag list done that your snagman checks the attic. I've been two months going between KPM and Shannon Homes trying to get a problem sorted in the attic.

The pipe that's installed to remove steam from the bathroom and ensuite isn't long enough and doesn't reach the roof, which means that the steam turns back to water and pours back down through the vents in the bathroom and ensuite ceiling . Shannon Homes excuse is that they have no one on sight but they are looking into it, so its better to check this before closing on the sale.

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Post by toominated » Sun May 04, 2008 10:38 am

There is no park and ride to Portmarnock from this area that I am aware of. When the new station eventually opens in Clongriffin, it will be about a 25 minute walk.

The 127 bus goes from Grange Road/Donaghmede roundabout past Clare Hall SC to Leeson Street Bridge twice in the morning leaving at 7.50 and 8.10. The 128 bus leaves Clongriffin and goes past Clare Hall SC every 10 minutes. It goes to Rathmines through the city centre (Eden Quay, Dawson St, to Earlsfort Tce so is only a couple of minutes to Leeson St. The 42 and 43 buses (stop is closer - towards Campions) terminate in Marlborough St and are fairly regular as well.

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