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Shannon Homes

Postby Shane » Thu Feb 16, 2006 1:45 pm

Well, i'm on a bit of a posting spree so thought would give my lowdown of dealing with Shannon Homes, i posted a shorter version somewhere else but here's the more detailed version.

When examining the plans for the townhouse that im buying with my sis we decided we wanted to make a change to the layout of the en suite, though we weren't holding out much hope for a change or expecting to pay quite a bit for it.

The basic change was for the toilet to be moved beside the shower and we also decided to ask if the ensuite could be 'squared off' with the door altered, rather than having an angle where the door was.

I emailed the request to the estate agents and they told me to ring Alan Mockler who had a copy of the request. When i talked to him he said it was no problem and that the foreman had been informed.

So through my only (and admitedly minor) dealings with Shannon Homes it was all pretty good and pretty quickly resolved.

Part of the furniture
Part of the furniture
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Postby tomf » Thu Aug 31, 2006 7:45 am


Like you, in a bit of a posting spree.

I got an architect frined of mine to snag and then moved in - on the basis that most snags are really not spotted until you are living in the property.
Any dealing so far with Shannon Homes have been curteous and prompt.

I have a few onoging niggly problems but, I have faith Shannon will fix them.

A couple of minor things really annoyed me - these are design faults:
1) No sockets in the hallway ( I have long hallway). A standard 13A mains socket would have been useful for hoover/table lamp ----whatever.
2) All light sockets are ceiling mounted. No wiring for wall lights in any room but, especially annoying in bathroom when one might like to put lights next to mirror.

Minor stuff but, just to tell people not to worry too much about sorting out ALL your snag problems - Shannon are on site and will get aorund to it - even after you move in.
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